Biomass and Oil Palm Center of Excellence (BOP)

We explore the uses of biomass as raw materials to produce high-value chemicals. Our research focuses on biofuel and biochemicals from biomass, especially from palm oil, which is abundant in the southern part of Thailand. Our goals are to develop not only efficient but green technologies, create new products and new uses of biomass, and ultimately be a part of the acceleration of Thailand’s economic development.

The main industry of Thailand’s southern part

Palm oil industries

          86% of cultivation lands
          Cultivator > 2,250,000 families
          Crude oil palm extraction plans >150 , 75% of Thailand

Head of center of excellence

Asst. Prof. Dr. Wichitpan Rongwong
Asst. Prof. Dr. Wichitpan Rongwong (D.Eng)
Department of chemical engineering and pharmaceutical chemistry
School of Engineering and Technology