Mission/Role and Duties Research and Innovation Institute of Excellence Walailak University

1) set guidelines Policy and research coordination of various departments both inside and outside the university in accordance with the research and development plan of the university.

2) It is the secretary unit for research projects in a multidisciplinary/integrated manner, which is responsible for coordinating joint research projects between academic institutions and various departments within the university and with external agencies.

3) To be the mainstay in establishing, managing and coordinating research projects in a multidisciplinary / topic-specific integrated manner that is the main goal of the university and/or assigned by the institution committee.

4) Seek and coordinate actions in finding funding sources to support research both internally and externally, both public and private, so that research and development of the University can be carried out continuously and comprehensively.

5) Implement and coordinate the establishment of a research center/center of excellence in both specialized research operations. (SpecialtyResearch Unit) and area-based studies necessary for teaching and/or research and development both on a permanent and ad hoc basis.

6) Evaluate and follow up on research projects of the University to carry out their objectives and create maximum benefits.

7) To be a center for gathering information on research and development funding sources of the University and exchanging information/information on research of the University with various departments.

8) Collaborate in disseminating and transferring knowledge from university research results in various forms. to communities and agencies both within and outside the university and internationally